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no_image Saidhava Salt (Himalayan Rock Salt Powder) 450gm

Dr. Kamlesh's Himalayan Rock salt
(Saindhava Salt)

Ingredient: Himalayan Rock salt (Saindhava Salt).

History: It is found in the Himalayan region. Millions of years ago this area was…
KA37 0 * 12.00€ 997
no_image Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) 5ml
Elettaria cardamomum
Uses in Ayurveda: A powerful aphrodisiac and rejuvenator which stimulates and refreshes. Also aids anxiety and insomnia, acting as a comfortant.
KA52 0 * 8.00€ 997
no_image Musk-Amber (Herbal Blend) 5ml

Hibiscus Abelmoschus
Family- Maluaceae

International Names: French-Ketmia Ambretta; Arabie- Hubbul-mushk, Kabbumishka; Persian-Makstan, Musk-dana;
Ayurvedic Name: Sanskrit-Gandapura, Latakasturikam, Zatakasturika; Hindi-Muskh-dana, Kashturi-dana

Habitat: (a) Native of Persia and tropical Indian sub…
KA44 0 * 8.00€ 996
no_image Jasmine 5ml

Jasminum Grandiflorum
or Jasminum Officinale.
Family - Oleaceae

Ayurvedic Name: Sanskrit- Jati, Hindi-Chameli, Johi.

Habitat: Indigenous to the foot hills of Himalayas and plains of Ganges. Commercially cultivated in…
KA5X 0 * 9.00€ 996
no_image Sandal (Santalum album) 5ml

Santalum Album

Ayurvedic Name: Sanskrit- Srigandha, Chandanam

Hindi: Swet chandan.

Habitat: Indiglenous to Mysore in southern part of India. If grown in other places than its natural habitat,…
KA48 0 * 13.00€ 994

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