Shatavari Roots (Women Tonic) 100 gm

Shatavari Roots (Women Tonic) 100 gm
Brand: Kamlesh Ayurveda
Product Code: KA28
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Price: 90.00€
Ingredient: Shatavari root (Asparagus racemosus).
Properties: Emmenagogue, tonic, alterative, laxative.
As a daily health supplement.
Strengthens the foetus and female reproductive organs.
Useful in menstrual disorders like PMS, dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea, menopause, infertility, female debility.
Dose: Take 1 piece of Shatavari root and crush it into small pieces. Put it in three cups of boiling water, cover and let it boil in low heat for five to seven minutes, filter and drink. Best use after meals, morning, evening and before going to bed. Do not take it empty stomach.
Vehicle: Boiling water.
Packing: Box of 100 Grams.

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