Vetivert (Vetiveria zizanoides) 5ml

Vetivert (Vetiveria zizanoides) 5ml
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(Vetiveria zizanioides)
Andropogon Muricatus, Squarrosus
Ayurvedic Name: Sanskrit- Usheera, Veranam Hindi - Khas.
International Names-English- Cuscus grass
Habitat: Indigenous to India, commercially grown in Uttar Pradesh, Mysore, Bengal, Rajsthan and Central parts of India.
History: From olden times it has been used for cooling body and mind. Its roots, which are highly scented has been used to make curtains.These curtains have been used for hanging at the door of the rooms in the Indian houses. The curtains have been sprinkled with water, due to that fragrant air passes through them and makes the room aromatically cool. It is a common perfume which has been used all over India. Only in hot and humid climatic conditions it is very cooling. That's why not recommended in cold seasons.
Part used for getting oil: Roots
Source and method for getting oil: Through distillation of the roots.
Constituents of the oil Alcohols: It is a volatile essential oil, resin, colouring matter, a free acid, a salt of lime, oxide of iron and woody matters.
Action: Tonic, refrigrant, stomachic, stimulant, antispasmodic, disphoretic, diuretic and emmenagouge.
Aroma of the Oil: It has a special attractive rich earthy and sweet aroma which is reminiscent of molasses.
Uses in Ayurveda:
It is said that Lord Budha meditated on the matress made of the grass of vitivert when he become enlightened.
It has cooling effect in body and mind, creates mental peace relieves anxiety, insomia, nervous tension as well as reduce stress and strain.
Mainly used for Pitta disorders. Indians put it in the water or in sweet cold drinks and take it internally. It has a dark green colour and a soothing aroma.
It has anti-cancer properties. Useful in various kinds of Allergies, headaches, migranes and acidity of the stomach. Powerful cooling oil given to patients suffering from madness due to the aggravation of pitta.

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