Saidhava Salt (Himalayan Rock Salt Powder) 450gm

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Dr. Kamlesh's Himalayan Rock salt
(Saindhava Salt)
Ingredient: Himalayan Rock salt (Saindhava Salt).
History: It is found in the Himalayan region. Millions of years ago this area was under the ocean. The salty water of the ocean dried and deposited under the rocks. Now this salt is used for healing purposes. It looks like rose quartz, comes in the rock-form from the Himalayas.
Properties: Carminative, stomachic and digestive.
How to prepare: Rose color rocks are properly cleaned, purified and hand-crushed to make the crystal / powder, which is a lengthy process takes lot of time.
As a daily health supplement.
Considered to be superior to the other varieties of salts.
Promotes the appetite and assists digestion and assimilation.
In orient, Yogis, meditators and spiritual people use on daily basis in their food because it calms the nerves and helps to get peace.
Helps in high blood pressure, anemia, and heat in the blood.
Good for all body types.
Dose: According to the taste on daily basis in the food.
Packing: (1) Box of 90 grams. (2) Box of 450 grams.

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